WASH Technical Corner 

Disclaimer: Here are some helpful items submitted by WASH members and fellow Amateur Radio operators. These are not endorsements or advertisements but are submitted based on first-hand experiences and/or research conducted on the topic. Enjoy!



Articles Submitted by WB4GCS & N3FB - Click below for download of .PDF

PureSignal pre-distortion algorithm to clean up transmitters using SDR techniques.
"Digital Predistortion Linearizing our Amplifiers"- By Dr. Warren C. Pratt, NR0V
This article was released by the Author for posting.

 Click HERE for Article        


BandPass Filters - WB4GCS

         Testing N3SH BandPass Filters

         Repairing BandPass Filters

         Repairing BandPass Filters continued

         Repairing BandPass Filters Final

Tube Type Equipment

         Rich Sperling, who often runs the Collins net, can fix or restore anything with tubes--quickly and at reasonable price. Don Merz - N3RHT

         Don Politio at Phil's TV in Bellevue For the old wooden radios, amps, record players and etc. I have even seen him work on WWII military receivers and early FM stuff, both of which can get very complex. Don Merz - N3RHT

Kenwood Service

         Scott Malcom at Malcom Technical Services, repairs Kenwood’s -- and troubleshoots down to the component level. Jim Sanford - WB4GCS

Circuit Board Repair 

         A series of Circuit Board Repair videos from PACE - old fashioned but very informative.
          First in series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKX-GBe_lUI

            Then others appear as option on right side of screen.  
- Larry Comden-K3VX


While getting my car back on the road I found the following web site for car literature and manuals. My car is 21 years young and the repair shop had no manuals, I ordered the manuals and they were able to get her running again.   http://www.faxonautoliterature.com/Default.aspx  - Fred - KB3DCO

DIY Tips:

PL-259 Soldering Techniques

         Here is a very good You Tube video on PL-259 soldering techniques.
Part 1:
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agkP9YMR3Kc
Too cool for way too many reasons!!! Jim Sanford - WB4GCS



Ham Radio and the Internet
See Parts 2 and 3 also
Larry K3VX

KE7FD has published a fine article on eHam.net entitled
       "The [Wire] Antenna Builders Survival Guide"

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